Friday, August 28, 2015


Realistic expectations are crucial in human emotional dealing and healing.

When something happens that 'gets under our skin' it's usually for a good reason! 

Sometimes it's because it is totally unexpected and we feel blindsided.  In these cases we hold onto it as if that will allow us to be prepared the next time something hits out of the blue.

Sometimes an incident is difficult to walk away from because it taps into old unfinished family drama.  Once we realize what old story it is tapping into we can use it to help us take a step in healing the old wound.

And sometimes something happens that challenges our view of how things should be in the world!  These experiences are particularly difficult because in order to resolve them we have to revise our own beliefs!

The most important - and beneficial - aspect of unfinished business is to see it as a potential opportunity for personal growth!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Do you find yourself re-running the 'film' of something that happened in the past?

Are you repeating the same scenes again and again?
Do you say the same lines in your head as you imagine the incident?
If so you might think of yourself as 'STUCK'!

To un-stuck:

Play with the story!
Run the 'film' of the event backwards!  Yes, you can!  
At this point in time it really is your story and you can manipulate it any way you want…
Imagine what you might do differently if the last scene played first.
Change your lines!  This story now belongs to you and you can be as outrageous as you want!
Change the scenery, the costumes.

The idea of this manipulation is to empower yourself and realize that once the actual event is over all that remains is the story you are telling yourself - and you have a lot of control of your self-talk!

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