Thursday, July 30, 2015


Ever been in a totally sequential, logical, understandable conversation with someone and all of a sudden find yourself left in the dirt wondering what happened?

Where did they go and where did that conversation take such a radical turn…

I was talking to my logical, compassionate, very mature friend and suddenly… Whoa!  I was clueless!

What happened?  She was ranting and raving, arms flailing… And then it hit me!  SHE MORPHED!

This was her 3 year old self throwing a total hissy fit!  OMG

I could see the image.  And it changed everything.  Instead of feeling confused and stressed and perhaps like I did something wrong, I started to laugh... 

Quietly, of course.

And then there was another recent time: 

A friend came to help me with a minor problem and as he was leaving - too far down the hall for me to respond - he turned around and got a totally squinty-eyed, evil look on his face and made a very nasty comment…

This time I got it right away!  SHAPE SHIFTER!  LIZARD MAN!

And again, instead of getting caught in the melodrama I smiled in delight…

Hey, I don't like scaly things with those long yucky tongues, but at least I don't blame myself for the way they act!

What do ya say?

Can you see how recognizing the morph can help you create a healthy separation between what's yours and what isn't?

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