Friday, July 31, 2015


The stories of shape shifters permeate most cultures. 

They range from our werewolves and Dracula through the Native American cultures that portray shape shifters as both malevolent beings and guardian spirits with healing powers.

A clue to how much we actually love this concept is its pervasive presence in our ever present video games!   

Why so prevalent?

Perhaps one way to look at this phenomenon is that we all have a tendency to morph!  Slip sliding into different aspects of who we are. 

If you can acknowledge this in yourself and others, if you can catch it happening, you create another tool for understanding your world and your reactions to it!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...


Did you ever stare at a kaleidoscope and make out shapes?
How about staring at clouds and watching them morph?  You know, bunnies and kitties turning into fire breathing dragons?

Take a moment and watch the people around you and allow yourself to begin recognizing the morph…

Some people can actually see it happen!  WOW!
For others of us, we can identify the shift only after it's complete. 

The more you practice this one, the easier it gets and the more useful a tool it becomes! 

Here's a true story that one of our readers shared:

"Once I realized that one of the people I'd most like to shake, spent most of his time morphed into Golden Retriever energy the desire to shake him was gone and instead I was super clear on what to expect:  galumphy Golden energy!  They are really cute, but get over yourself if you expect them to get quantum physics!"

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