Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Like any other 'information system' the content we feed into our brains affects the outcome…

If we believe we are constantly improving, that our efforts make a difference, we are able to reinforce forward momentum.  If we constantly judge ourselves harshly we handicap our ability to improve.

We are not talking about false applause.  If we break something we don't tell ourselves it didn't shatter!  We also don't scold ourselves for being a klutz!   Instead we can say,' Hmmm, I wonder what that was about, and what information it gives me to up my game.  Was I distracted?  Is there something I need to take care of that I didn't realize?'

Perfection is a false and truly problematic concept.  Improvement is an attainable reality!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...


One of the greatest threats to our self improvement is anger - directed at ourselves in the form of our inner Victim and our inner Bully.  To keep your game at its best do a daily sweep for these two 'bugs'…

1)  Ask yourself it your self talk sounds Victimy… You know how this sounds, right? Hints are:  'poor me', 'I never get it right', 'I can't', 'life sucks'.  The word 'try' is a great Victim indicator… As in "I'm trying, but…"

2)  Look for the Bully.  Again most of us know this routine…   
 Hints are:  Any scolding statements ie. 'I can't believe you did it AGAIN!', 'You are hopeless', 'You are __________(fill in any pejorative adjective!)

3)  Ask yourself what you are angry about.  If you are being a Bully or playing Victim there is always anger!  Make 3 anger statements:  "I'm angry that______."  and see what comes up.

4)  Do something healthy to release that anger.  Try imaginary dialogs with others, hit a pillow, a punching bag, ride a bike, dance hard…

5)  Do 3 sentences every day of your loving compassionate voice.  (No, don't gag!  This is really important!)  This is your internal cheerleader.  Come up with 3 'Yay yous'!   


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