Thursday, July 2, 2015


Two people were sitting side by side at the train station.

He was a businessman.  She was a Cultural Anthropologist.  They didn't know each other.

A woman walked past wheeling an adorable toddler in a stroller.  

The woman's hand was out, asking for money.

"Humph!" the businessman growled.
"They are parasites on society!  She makes hundreds a day!"

"Wow!" the Anthropologist exclaimed.  "How resourceful!"


And then there's the thing about black cats… You know how everyone says they're bad luck?  Well, check this out:

'Black cats are lucky: the gene giving them a dark coat makes them less
susceptible to disease than light-colored cats.

Black cats have been associated with bad luck in some Western cultures.
There isn't one specific reason for this belief, but it seems to be a combination of folklore and superstition beginning in     the Middle Ages.'
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What do ya say?
Could the world possibly be as diverse as the eyes of the beholders?

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