Friday, July 3, 2015


Once upon a time, a wonderful anthropology professor named Ruth Krulfeld, told her class a tale of her time doing field work.

She was living on an island where a sign of beauty in women was a large gap where the front two teeth had been removed… Yikes!    

Or so she thought on arrival to that island…

However, as time went by - yup - that gap was looking better and better, until finally she decided to take the plunge!  After all, we all want to be perceived as beautiful...

Her field supervisor immediately ordered her back home.  She had obviously lost her scientific detachment.

A rather extreme story, right?
But think about it.

How many of the ideals of beauty that we take for granted would be seen as truly bizarre to that oft referenced space alien who suddenly dropped into our culture?

Perhaps we need to re think our cultural absolutes? 
After all, who determines what is beautiful?

(The message of this story was Dr. Krulfeld's, any mistakes in the re-telling are mine!)

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...

Take a minute to think of the beliefs and standards about beauty you take for granted:

*Shape of body or face
*Skin color
*Style of dress…

And that's only a tiny part of the things we are indoctrinated to see as cultural ideals…

Can you expand your ideal of beauty?

As a fascinating experiment, imagine seeing every person you come into contact with today as beautiful. 

What happens as you experiment with this?

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