Thursday, July 16, 2015


The last two days posts on 'Take Aways' brought so much response that it is obvious there is more to say on this one…

Check out these three great comments:

The first came from a woman who has just gone through two deaths in her family.  

"I think I'm pretty good at the topic of yesterday's post," she stated with justifiable pride. 
"The last year has been a non-stop learning experience for me and I know I am a stronger and healthier person now then I was before these losses." 

By learning about her own resilience and strength she is able to interact with others in a new way, taking better care of herself in her world.

Another one of our readers also used adversity as a transformative experience, taking some truly frightening legal situations as an opportunity to work out unfinished emotional family business, coming out of the situation actually lighter and happier!

The third true story comes from a man who had a really frightening medical emergency that nearly killed him! 

When he told me about his experience he did mention the details of what happened, but his focus was on the positive 'Take Aways' -  the sharp ER room tech who diagnosed his condition, his amazing medevac helicopter ride, the wonderful nurses who advocated to get him exactly the care he needed and the magical experience of his hospital roomie who filled the space with evangelical prayers, laughter and joy.

What do ya say?
Can you take the ride?

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