Thursday, February 26, 2015


"Ever notice," this guy asked me, "how people sometimes accuse you of doing things they do… and you don't?"

He was really exasperated as he continued talking...

"'Don't tell anyone!' my friend demanded for the fourth time in this really insipid conversation we were having…"

"'This is really confidential!' she said - AGAIN!"

"Well, yeah," he was really annoyed as he continued…

"If you say 'don't tell' I assume it is confidential…"

"So how come," he asked looking straight at me, "four different people I ran into that day repeated her 'confidential' junk to me… and said they heard it from her?  And how come they added a 'by the way, she told me you said…'?"

He rolled his eyes.
"Maybe I didn't repeat 'confidential' enough times?  Is four the magic number?"

What do ya say?
Ever fall into this one?

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  1. yep, i know this one. there was this one guy i dated who was OBSESSED with the idea that i was gonna cheat on him... and guess what he did to me. "tells", as you were talking about in an earlier post... ps, I LOVE your meditations on amazon. i even bought a coule for my room mate. thanks. --cathy