Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries...
Ever notice how supercharged these events are?
Ever wonder why these moments tend to be so emotionally loaded?

These time markers artificially stop the clock - the wheel of time clicks to a momentary halt as we take measurements.

"Yikes," we gasp, cringing as we remember where we were this time last year, and what we were sure we would have accomplished by now…

We have a tendency, sometimes hidden even to ourselves, to evaluate:

"Who was I with on this anniversary one year ago?" 
"What was I sure I would have done by the time it rolled around one year later?"

And sometimes our internal bullies get triggered as we ask ourselves:

"What have I really accomplished since the last time the clock stopped on this date?"


No wonder we sometimes want to duck.

What do ya say?
Wouldn't it be nice to just celebrate the gift of another year?

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