Tuesday, May 20, 2014


"So, "she asked, "how would you have handled it?"

She was sure that there was a perfect way to handle the situation - actually any situation - if only she knew what it was…

And there should be, right?

Reminds me of a story:
'A well known and respected shrink, who shall remain unidentified, was going through a tough time back in his training days.  His teacher, an even more famous and well known person, who had been lecturing about how to respond appropriately to difficult situations, couldn't miss the slumped shoulders and depressed face of his student and asked him what seemed to be the problem.

"Well," responded our 'then learning to be a wise person' friend, "earlier today I got into a really baaad fight with my wife…"

"Ah," replied the very unruffled teacher soothingly, thinking he had a perfect teaching opportunity,  "That is only human." 
(You can just hear his gentle, rational tone, right?)

"Anger," he continued in his comforting voice, "is a natural feeling and an experience we all have…"

"Yes," responded our sage-in-training, "but we were in the garage when it happened and I picked up a rather large tool and chased her around the room…"

As his no longer composed teacher and the other students stared at him in horror, he jumped up, pumping his fist in the air. 

"Gotcha!" he yelled smugly with a giant grin on his face.

And the moral of this story:

None of us are perfect and we all get caught with our pants down a time or two…

What do ya say?
 Been there?

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