Thursday, May 8, 2014


 "I've been fighting it, making all kinds of excuses and explanations that even I know are bogus.  The truth is he is such a disappointment!"

The woman who made this statement was struggling with it…

"He's just not the person I thought he was, well…" she continued, "if I'm really honest he's not the person I WANT HIM TO BE!"

She sighed.  "All this time I've been erasing the bad stuff and exaggerating the things I like … really, it didn't seem like such a bad strategy…" 

"But let's face it," she moaned, "sooner or later reality intrudes and that limited, greedy, attention hogging jerk sucks all the air out of the room… Ugh!  The truth is I really just don't like who he is!"

What do ya say?
Whose flaws did you try to erase?
Parents? Children? Co-workers? Friends?
Did it work?

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