Thursday, May 15, 2014


The father was complaining.  

His children just weren't responsible enough.  
True they were getting great grades and never in any real trouble, but many mornings they actually left the house with out making their beds! 

And then sometimes they were really late doing their chores… 

"They have to learn to be responsible, don't they?" he grumbled. 

And here's another one.  This was a mom speaking about her college age daughter:

"She was supposed to be here an hour ago and I am still waiting!  True she called to say she was exhausted and needed to take a break before rushing over, but what's that about?"  

"I mean if you make a plan, you stick to it, right?  Really unacceptable behavior!  I am thinking of the appropriate punishment.  After all, she has to learn that there are consequences to this kind of irresponsibility!"


Does this really teach us to be responsible, or is it a totally different lesson that we have learned?

What do ya think?

Sound harsh to you or just the way things are supposed to be?

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