Sunday, April 20, 2014


Remember what W.C. Fields supposedly wrote on his grave?  

"Here lies W.C. Fields - All things considered I'd rather be in Philadelphia"…


This past week I train'd it into Philly.  The plan was to catch NJ Transit from there into the wilds of Southern New Jersey.  Simple right?

Small problem: part of the line was down. 
Easy solution: they were providing buses to the connecting station.

Small problem: the first bus was full and bus #2 had broken down.
Easy solution: take #3 bus.

Small problem: it would not make the connecting train on time…
Easy solution: a taxi…

Swearing he knew exactly where to take me - the driver revealed - after we left the city - that he didn't have a clue… and by the way, his GPS was broken.  

But no prob he insisted, he'd stop at a gas station and ask…

Four stations later, W.C. Fields alternative was starting to look really good…

Smiling and nodding his head, the taxista kept saying 'yes' to all my suggestions - and not following any of them, until finally, mild mannered soul that I am, I shrieked at the top of my lungs,

"Stop this taxi right now or I am calling the cops!"

Fortunately he stopped - right next to two motorcycle guys who of course knew exactly where we needed to go.

Their directions were great, but my pal the driver had other ideas…

So, once again invoking - ok shrieking - the cops warning, I got him to turn in the right direction.

And,yes, I did make the connecting train.

The taxi driver, by now convinced that we were great buddies, ran my suitcases up to the door of the departing train and pushed me in saying, "Have a lovely trip Madam…"

What do ya say?
Ever met this guy?

To those of you celebrating today, may this season bring you peace and renewal!

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