Friday, April 4, 2014


There are certain theories that contend that we humans have a strong internal need to complete things - including unfinished emotional issues from our past. 

According to this premise we have a tendency to keep repeating and recreating even painful situations, until we finally 'get it right', which in this context means we resolve the original emotional dilemma. 

So, in yesterday's story about inviting the elephant into the house and having to deal with the mess that comes with it, this theory would contend that the reason that we keep welcoming those same old messes is to finally decode them, figure out the original problem and find a way to release ourselves from the limitations that come with it.

In this way of looking at things, we are re-inviting those same elephants in order to help ourselves heal!


An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Where does this particular elephant fit into your own narrative (life story)?

Look at the specific messes you keep re-playing - those difficult situations that seem to keep repeating.

What are the common elements?

What are the characteristics of the players?

Where are the similarities?

How do you react?

Now see if you can de-code the story by bringing it back to your early life and family.

Ask yourself if this situation has any similarities to the old one.

Are the personalities of the players reminiscent of any people from the past?

How about the way you ended up feeling?

What was the story that was told about you back then?

Now ask yourself what part of the old story you need to release in order to heal?

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