Tuesday, November 5, 2013


“I hope,” she wrote in her email, “we can get past this… I wasn’t really angry at you,” she continued, “just stressed and anxious and I was just sharing my feelings…”

OK check this out:

1)   ‘get past this’…
2)   ‘sharing my feelings’…

Ugh to both!

We don’t ‘get past’ ugliness in our interactions with others.

We are impacted and if we’re smart – we learn!

We learn about who they are and we learn about how their behavior affects us and based on these two things we temper our interactions with them in the future.

And about that ‘sharing’…

What a horrible misuse of a beautiful word!

Try telling the truth lady!  You weren’t ‘sharing’ you were dumping!

What do ya say?  

How do you feel when people are abusive and then try to justify their behavior?

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