Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So, you’re getting ready for a 'performance' – an exam, an interview, a sales call, whatever…

“Whoa,” you are warned, “it’s a really tough house!”

“They’ll shut you down before you even begin!”

“Watch out!”

Let’s face it; it is good to have some idea of what you’re walking into.   You know, that old Boy Scout motto:  Be Prepared!

But…  But…  But…

If it closes down your performance, it’s over the top!

You know what I mean:

“Man, that test is so BAD no one passes…”

“That guy you are interviewing with is a real jerk and won’t listen to a word you say…”


Take the warning – yes, but don’t let it totally determine your play!        

Dance with it… and have some fun!

Remember, most of the time it really isn’t life and death!

And can you imagine, after all that anticipation – if it’s cancelled?

What do ya say?

Is getting uptight ever worth it?

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