Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Insomnia can be defined as the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep as long as desired.  

To simplify this complex subject, we can divide it into four categories: chronic, acute, primary and secondary. 

Obviously if your insomnia is chronic (long term) or secondary (a by product of illness such as asthma or acid reflux or medication) you need to get your health care provider involved.  In these cases insomnia can alert you to underlying health issues!

On the other hand, episodic bouts of insomnia are usually related to stress or unfinished business that our minds are working on overtime – without overtime pay!     (read more)

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...    


A useful way to think about these occasional nocturnal events is that they represent ‘unfinished business’ - left-overs from the day that your mind has not yet deconstructed and put into the appropriate mental files.

Often people attempt to fight this surge of unwanted energy – they panic and scold themselves about being awake during normal sleeping hours.  This strategy tends to be useless!

Instead:  Choose one of the following:

Open yourself up to the Muse!  

It is amazing how many famous people have used these middle of the night moments to create some of their best work!  Maybe you are about to come up with a brilliant solution for world hunger?  No?  
Something in you is working towards resolution/solution.  Relax and give it a chance.
Sing, write, draw, create the lyrics to the next best selling whatever…

Go in opposite direction and create a logical distraction based on who you are.  

What is it that distracts you in general?  
A good book?  TV?  Sudoko?  
Allow your mind to be sedated by these potentially soothing lullabies. . .  

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