Sunday, June 23, 2013


Remember that great song from “A Chorus Line” –

“Kiss the day goodbye and point me towards tomorrow

We did what we had to do

Don’t forget, can’t regret

What I did for love… “

Most actors have had to do their share of those ‘supporting roles’ to sustain their true love! 

Here, in his own words, are some stories from Jeffries Thaiss, a successful New York City actor, about some of the hilarious and horrifyingly resourceful ways he has been able to scrap together a living between acting gigs:

“Once I was hired to sit in a Mercedes for hours on end while the owner drove to meetings around town.  This guy refused to spend his time looking for legit parking spots and instead would park in fire lanes and bus stops, leaving me to drive around the block endlessly when the cops came!”

“Another time I found myself in a lock down psych ward holding up a cell phone to a tied-down patient’s ears so he could talk to his wife. . . No I am not making this up!”

“And then there was the time I drove a mother and her daughter from Boston to Maine at 100 MPH!  We were on deadline and the mother, screaming, “Floor it!” promised to pay for the ticket!”

“And no telling of these stories would be complete without mentioning the apartments my crew and I spent those in-between times cleaning. . . There were actually mushrooms growing from carpets and weird green things sprouting in the refrigerators!”

Jeffries and friends – all fellow actors – put together a temp company called 'The Clean Actor’s Guild'.  
Their motto:  “You need it done?  We’ll do it!” 

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