Thursday, October 1, 2015


"I keep getting hurt by the things that people do… I think some one is nice and then get shocked when they suddenly seem to turn ugly…"

The woman speaking was shaking her head.  (This seems to happen a lot, doesn't it?)  She was having a difficult time coming to grips with what kept happening to her…

"Ok," she explained, "I spent a lot of time with this person who I thought was a friend.  She kept saying with amazement how generous I was … I guess that should have been a clue, right?"

"I did notice the difference between what I gave and what she did, but somehow it didn't register… the warning siren just wasn't there…"

"Even when so many other people said what an awful b#@ch she was I just kept making excuses…" 

What do ya say? 

Can you identify?

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