Friday, September 11, 2015


It's tempting to think everyone else follows the same rules as you do… and to attempt to comprehend their behavior from your own standpoint.

In reality, though we are all human, our experiences, beliefs and upbringing tend to have a lot to do with our 'ground rules' for interacting with others.

Making assumptions that anyone else - even someone raised in the same family - operates by the same guidelines as you do, can create tremendous problems.

If you think about it, this belief of sameness is truly a guaranteed way to get your feelings hurt! 

A big part of taking care of yourself is recognizing that others don't necessarily act the same way you do.

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Think about 6 people you know - 2 family members, 2 friends, 2 casual acquaintances…

Now take a moment to think about some of the ways you are similar to each of these people.  Maybe some values you have in common or some of the ways that you each treat others.

Think about some of the ways you are dissimilar.  In your values?  In your interactions with others?

Ask yourself whether you have been honest, in the past, about how you are different from each of these people and how that has affected these relationships? 

Do you think if you had been more realistic about your dissimilarities things might have turned out in another way?  Would your interactions with these people have been easier for you? 

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