Friday, September 25, 2015


So to stretch a metaphor… rust in nature is a flaky coating that forms on iron or steel which eventually eats through the core metal and weakens it…

What creates our own rusty coatings?

When we allow our inner core to get covered over by negative beliefs, words, and experiences that create corrosion if they are not cleaned away!

We all have pretty good ideas of what our tarnished feelings are - usually they are made up of anger and criticism, bullying by others or ourselves that has accumulated over the years.

Like rust in nature, removing these overlays is not only possible but leads to enhanced value and strength, empowering us and allowing our intrinsic beauty to shine through.

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

With physical rust we use chemicals and sweat equity - with our emotional rust we use the wonderful power of our minds to provide both the cleansing products and the muscle…

Check it out:  Try these DIY steps:

First:  Name the rusty places.  You know what they are. 
Two hints:  You keep going back over an event again and again.  It seems like the same type of thing keeps happening.

The mechanics of removal:
1)  Try imaginary dialogs with the 'offending' person, event, or part of yourself.  Give each element a voice.  You can use your hands facing each other a 'puppets' to represent each element of the dialog.  Keep going until you feel a shift… You'll know it when it happens.

2)  Use fantasy to release anger.  Imagine a tsunami washing away that corrosive moment in time.  Imagine a giant elephant uprooting a bad memory and tossing it away… you get the drift…
This allows us to use our imagination to release negative stored thoughts and images.  If you can reach the 'giggle point' you know you've nailed it!

3)  Focused deep breathing and physical exercise.   These are really great for cleaning out the goop!  Be aware of consciously releasing the old and making space for the new!

4)  Shine it up!  Once you remove the corrosion you can sparkle by thanking yourself and congratulating yourself for a job well done!  This is an important part of the process.  It reinforces the value of the work and effort you have expended to create a clean path for going forward!

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