Tuesday, September 22, 2015


"You are so uncompromising!" he declared uncompromisingly.
"Every time I say how something should be, you disagree!"


"You are so stubborn!" he continued.
"Every time I tell you what to do, you say 'no'!  Really stubborn…"

Heh… heh… heh…

Ever try to get through to one of these people?

The dialog goes something like this:
"Excuse me!  How come I'm uncompromising just because I don't agree with you?"

"You see, "they respond," look how incredibly uncompromising and stubborn you are!"

Ever want to wring someone's neck?

Ever feel like you are travelling in a parallel universe?

The Jewish Holidays this time of year invite us to resolve our unfinished business and get good with ourselves, with others and with God… 

One and three seem pretty do-able, but sometimes I wonder about #2…

What do ya say?
Do you think it's possible to get through to these people?

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