Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The man sitting in the chair was talking about a problem with his wife.
"I really can't stand my wife!  She is not worthy of someone like me…"
His eyes popped open.
"OMG, "he gasped.  "I can't believe I just said that!  That is totally my mother's voice!  She never liked my wife!"

And listen to this one:

"I know," she insisted, "exactly what you mean!"
"You are telling me I am acting like a spoiled, self-indulgent child!"
"Don't tell me that's not what you mean!  I know what I heard…"

Guess whose voice she was actually hearing? 
Yup.  Her mother's voice - definitely not the person actually in the room with her…

Does any of this sound familiar?

What do ya say?
Can you see how holding onto old 'sound bytes' and replaying them in the present moment can really burn you?

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