Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Find yourself repeating negative patterns again and again? 

You know the types of things we are talking about, right? 

'Bad' habits, addictions, knee-jerk emotional responses, self defeating, long held beliefs about who you are and who you should be… most of us humans do have a list of these stumbling blocks.

If you think of these as behavioral blueprints that have become hardwired rather than just thinking of yourself as 'lazy' or incapable of change, you create a new way of perceiving these patterns. 

They become something that was inserted into the system without your conscious intention. 

Once you recognize this, you open the door to consciously deleting them.  You are not stuck! 

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas...


Make a list of your current behaviors that are not satisfying to you.  These might include:  eating, drinking, interacting with friends, couples behavior, structuring your time, organization at home and work… think about it and decide what you really want to change.

Choose one of these behaviors to focus on.

Now take your awareness up a notch by 'deconstructing' that behavior.  This means 'hearing' the 'BING', the trigger that opens the program where this behavior is stored. 

For example, let's take organization - putting things away or throwing out things you really no longer need. 

Feel the moment when the hardwired 'program' begins… you might be thinking, "Hmmm that’s a lot of stuff.  I could get rid of some of it…" and suddenly you change your mind and decide to leave the mess and go for a walk instead.  

This is the 'BING' moment.  Feel it! 

Now ask yourself if you want to continue on default or if you want to change this pattern. 

This step is really crucial

Ripping out a hardwired program is challenging.  Without strong INTENTION it is really tricky.  What does intention mean to you?  Perhaps that strong, overriding "I WANT!" that we hear out of the mouths of two year olds?

This is the 'put it in motion' stage of the plan.  

Now you are alert and tuned into the 'BING' you listen for it, feel it, and fight the pull of the old hardwiring. 

You tell yourself, "No, I do not have to be controlled by that old pattern!"  

You allow yourself to stop in your tracks and PAY ATTENTION to the tug of the old and give yourself permission to do the new!         

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