Thursday, April 30, 2015


No, not that!

This is about that fascinating phenomena we attribute to birds but see all the time in humans…  Fouling or spoiling the nest when it's time to leave.

Here are three stories:

"I just don't get it!  My granddaughter has been such a delight in our lives.  We are there for her 100% and now, suddenly, she acts like we are the devil!  We seem to annoy her constantly… and she is downright mean!"

"My boyfriend has suddenly changed.  He picks fights with me all the time and for things that never bothered him before!  I feel like he wants to break up but when I ask him he looks at me as if I were nuts!"

"This woman has been working for us for years.  I thought we had a good relationship but now she comes to work out of it and angry.  She drops things and breaks things and barely apologizes… I just don't get it!"

What do you think might be the common denominator in all three stories?

A hint:  

The objects of these stories are all dealing with leaving - the city, the job, school, and having a difficult time dealing with it!

What do ya say?
How do you handle saying goodbye?

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