Thursday, December 18, 2014


Once upon a time, in a land far away, actually a small burg in upstate New York, a young girl was sitting in the back of a classroom quietly crying…

She was a good student.  She really worked at it, but she was in extremis! 

It was final exam time and that paper in front of her was torment!  None of it made sense!  Weird symbols that were getting weirder as they blurred with her tears…

The teacher, yes, his name really was Mr. Sweet, had been watching her with concern.  He was not only a compassionate human but he also loved math and just couldn't stand his beloved material being so poorly received…

He pulled up a chair next to the girl and tried - really tried - to point out the beauty and simplicity of his wonderful Algebra…

Showing her with great enthusiasm how easy it all was, he proceeded to do - and ace - her final exam…

A half century has passed and that girl is still grateful to this exceedingly kind human. 

She went on to ace many exams over the years but the biggest lesson she learned that day was understanding that all of us have limitations and reaching out with compassion changes a person's live forever!

What do ya say?
Ever had a Mr. Sweet in your life?

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  1. Beautiful story! I have had a Mr. Sweet or two in my life. It inspires me to find my inner "Mr. Sweet", and share a bit of the joy that I have in my heart with others. Thanks so much for sharing this.