Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Once upon a time a very young woman was on an archaeological dig in a land far, far away. 

Witnessing misbehavior on the part of the leader, an older and much venerated man, she determined that she would set him straight… No problem, right? 

Obviously he needed to be told what he was doing wrong!

So, our heroine righteously marched herself into his tent to fix the situation…

Ever see a bull react to a red cape?  

Whoa!  Rolling his eyes and snorting with rage he kicked her off the dig - and demanded she take her poor innocent roommate with her!

Now, 18 year olds are not famous for being strategic, but what do ya say?

Shouldn't she have seen this one coming?

Wouldn't you?

At 18?
How about now?

Check out
and to laugh as you learn join us on YouTube for Beat the Bully

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