Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Despite many warnings to the contrary throughout our lives -
          "If you do that, you'll…"
          "If you say that you'll…"
          "If you act that way…"
- we still often seem to experience what we do as discreet segments of behavior rather than part of a chain reaction.

How many times do we wonder why someone acted in a certain way or something happens to us, not recognizing the impact of our previous steps in the dance?



An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Think about something that has puzzled you in the past - someone else's behavior towards you or an event that happened that seemed to come out of nowhere.  It could be this week, or sometime this past month, or even further into the past if it's still on your mind.

Now imagine that you are a detective and you were hired to discover how the event in question has come about. 

* As a detective you look for clues that led up to the moment of the 'crime'.

* You look for the 'he said, she said' that occurred the day of the incident, the day before, the week before.

* Your task is to track - but not blame - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Objectivity is the name of the game.  Drop the judgmental attitude and just investigate!

Have some fun with your new role...
The goal is for you to come to an "Ah ha! Now I get it" moment.

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