Friday, February 28, 2014


 There's a great song by the Supremes "Going Down for the Third Time"…   Fun to listen to, awful to do! 

Remember that saying, "Insanity is doing the same behavior again and again and expecting different results…"

So what keeps us normally well adjusted humans hooked in to this crazy belief that sooner or later banging our heads against that same old wall will actually make a difference? 

Well, we do have a strong value on persistence in our culture - maybe that's part of it…

And we like to think of ourselves as being optimistic, right?  
And don't forget that whole thing about giving the other guy the benefit of the doubt…

But let's face it, when you're going for thirds on that same non-functional behavior, trying once again to get through to that same resistant person, it just might be time to step back and ask yourself:  Why are you wasting your precious time?


An opportunity to experiment with some fun


When you find yourself stuck in a bad situation, try asking yourself the following questions:

What would giving up on this situation mean?
What do you think you'd lose?
What do you think walking away would say about you?

What do you think your persistence says about you?
What keeps you from changing your strategy when it isn't working?

How have you been rewarded for hanging on?
How do you think you'd be judged for walking away?
Who are the people who would judge you?

What power do you gain from your persistence?
What power do you lose from staying in a bad situation?

What does letting go really mean for you?
Would you leave the situation or change your expectations?

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