Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This highly intelligent woman was clearly stressed.

"I don't get it AT ALL," she protested. 

"How can I stay positive when so many bad things happen?" 

"I mean how am I supposed to keep nastiness from permeating and destroying my day… and night?"

Shaking her head she continued, "When bad things happen they run through my head in a loop - I can't stop thinking about them!" 

"Day and night - especially at night!" 

"As it gets darker and quieter those loops run faster and louder!" 

"And they are always negative!  A bad interaction with someone, an unfinished project, health fears, money worries…"

"Louder and louder and faster and faster!" 


Sound at all familiar?

What do ya say?
How do you quiet the night noises?

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