Thursday, December 13, 2012


It used to bother me, but of course now I can blame it on age…
What am I talking about?  Forgetting someone’s name about 3 minutes after we are introduced…
“Hi Carol, I’d like you to meet… so and so…”  And unfortunately that’s exactly how I remember him – “good old so and so.”

Sound familiar?  How many so and so’s have you stacked up over the years?

What do ya say?  Share some of your favorite ‘what’s his name’ stories with us.

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  1. My husband has facial blindness, and often cannot recognize someone if they aren't in the same setting that they were in when he met them. And basicallly, for example, one brown-haired person with a ponytail looks like any other to him! Makes for some amusing/embarrassing moments.

    1. This sounds like a great script for a movie! Is there really such a thing as facial blindness? I can imagine some people whose faces I'd be happy to forget!

  2. Oh! I am also a chronic "What's His/Her Name" person... The worst is when you're a single person and you meet someone you're interested in, and after two hours of conversation, you have no idea what name they have. Ugh! Digging yourself out of that hole is never a good time!