Friday, July 22, 2016


One of our early survival instincts had to be the ability to change direction.

Think about it…

In our Hunter/Gatherer days, if a predator jumped out onto our path we needed to quickly pivot and head in the opposite direction!

And in our early agricultural societies, paying attention to changing and shifting conditions and making appropriate changes was crucial.

How did this natural reaction, this need for flexibility, get altered? 

Perhaps we can blame the emphasis on this inflexibility on the Industrial Revolution and its inherent need for conformity and repetition? 

Or could it simply be the current emphasis on 'sticking to it' and not 'giving up'?

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


1)  If I make a plan I stick to it no matter what!
2)  I resent having to change and I am going to sit here and stew!
3)  It's not my fault that the plan changed! I shouldn't have to deal with it!
4)  Now everything is ruined!
5)  I will never make plans with those people again!

Do you think these beliefs help or hinder you?

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