Friday, June 10, 2016


Toxic Life Syndrome (TLS) is contagious!
If you have it, you can infect those around you.
If you are exposed to a 'carrier' you need to detox!

You know you've probably been exposed when you experience a sudden and intense energy drop, emotional heaviness and a pervasive feeling of helplessness, often followed by diffuse anger.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take preventive measures?

Ever hear a song called 'Poison Ivy' by The Coasters?

Ever been exposed to the real stuff?  How many times?  It took awhile to be able to really identify it and avoid it, right?

Wouldn't it be great to avoid it altogether?

So to avoid TLS: watch out for anger coming at you, especially loud smoldering tirades or the anger disguised as whining, 'poor me' moans…

Equally dangerous are people ramping around in states of distorted expectations and beliefs about what life owes them…

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

The more you tune into TLS, whether you are the carrier or someone else is, the easier it becomes to protect yourself…


1)  Identify carriers
Sensitize yourself to the body language, auditory noise, and words these people tend to use.  Tune into the dissonance between their words and actions. 

Create your own sensors that signal oncoming attacks… Craft auditory signals as warning signs - these can be real - ring tones on your phone - or imaginary.  

Visual images that you attach to a person's presence are also useful. 

These tools are all meant to put you on alert and ready to take off!

2)  Bug proof yourself 
If you are stuck in a situation and can't get away, create an imaginary force field.   

Imagine wearing one of those CSI suits.  Earphones are amazing at bug proofing… Have some fun with this one…

3)  Stay out of dangerous environments
Do your best to avoid being with these people in locations that are small and where leaving is hard … elevators can be particularly difficult.

Phone calls can also be challenging … be ready to disengage!

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