Wednesday, May 4, 2016


We often forget that there is a big difference between acknowledging a feeling and acting it out.

Humans have feelings - it comes with the territory.  Some are soft and fluffy and others are denser… you know, maybe even painful.

If we deny having these challenging feelings, more times than not they get us in trouble.  Pushing things down is a make-shift strategy. 

Remember squishing mud as a kid?  It didn't disappear.  It just showed up someplace else!

When we allow ourselves to recognize our feelings we are in a position to make choices about how we deal with them.

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Fear comes with the territory of being human - another one of those reactions to things that was probably originally a major life saver!
Fear of the dark kept us inside when the predators were out hunting…
Fear of those snakes kept us out of the bushes…

You get the idea.  Fear in itself is not toxic!  Maybe just the opposite.

What becomes emotionally toxic is what we do with it…
Do you tell yourself not to be afraid?
Do you panic when you become frightened of something?
Do you try to overcome fear by masking it with drugs and alcohol?

Think about the last time something frightened you.  How did you handle it?

Now, re-imagine that situation.                                                           
First, give yourself permission to feel frightened.                            
Now, tell yourself that it's a normal reaction.                                          
Next imagine breathing deeply and finding a physical balance-point, where your body and gravity are working together.                                      
Does this feel different than the original experience?


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