Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Of course, there are areas of our lives where 'C' doesn't make it…

If you are performing brain surgery we all hope you are aiming for A+!

But, but, but…

How did we get stuck thinking that everything needed that same standard of achievement?

If you guessed 'school' you're probably on a good track.

Unfortunately, we usually aren't taught that different degrees of effort - and achievement - make sense for different tasks!

Have you ever found yourself stressing about the perfect wording for an email response - to a friend?

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Think about the amount of time you spend on different tasks…
If you were an efficiency expert how would you rate your time strategy?

Do you find yourself putting off simple tasks because you don't have enough time to do a 'thorough' job?

Do you need to set aside a whole block of time in order to do that perfect job or do you let yourself do bits and pieces as you go?

Think about tasks that you struggle with doing… might these be examples of things where you demand perfection?

As an experiment: For one day give yourself permission to do things half-way.  Remember, this is just an experiment so breathe deeply and have some fun with it…

What happens as you do this?  Learn anything interesting?

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