Friday, April 8, 2016


What are survival-negative behaviors?

Some are common to all of us - those things that would clearly compromise our survival as a species, an easy list to make.

But how about using this term in a more specifically functional and useful way to each of us in our daily lives?

In this case we are looking at the choices that we might make that could be counterproductive to our emotional well-being (EWB).

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Step 1:  Think about some of your friends.  Make a list of some of the patterns and behaviors they have adopted that you would view as getting in the way to their health and well being.

Why start with others?
Because as we all know, it is almost always easier to see the 'flaws' in someone else's program than in our own…

Step 2:  Think of some of the rules, mandates and choices you have made for yourself.
          Do they work for you?
          Make you happy?
          Further your goals in life?

How do you define survival?   


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