Friday, April 15, 2016


That 'oogy' feeling hits us all sometimes… the trick is, just like with quicksand, you don't struggle against it or you get sucked down!

Instead, acknowledge it and breathe deeply until it passes - and it will!*  

It's important to acknowledge that being off center is part of being human…

Think about it, it's one of those paradoxical things… 
We can re-balance - as long as we acknowledge that we are off- balance…  

(*Clearly as with any other emotional state, if you feel stuck, reach out for professional help!)

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Step 1.  Tune into what you are experiencing.  

Feel like biting other peoples' heads off? 
Feel like hiding under your bed?
Feel like screaming?  Crying?
Feel like nothing is working right?
Dreading the next phone call?

Step 2.  Acknowledge 'oogy' and remind yourself its part of being human!

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, awareness and acknowledgement of a particular mood actually allows us to move through it!

Step 3.  Find your 'hug'!  Try a few options:

Allow yourself to wade and wallow in the 'oogy' feeling for awhile.  Really get into it and even exaggerate it!  Howling like a wolf is sometimes part of this strategy!

Follow Jason's advice in yesterday's post and start your day with hugs!

Give yourself permission to metaphorically get under your bed for awhile - read a good book, listen to great music, shut out the world…

Practice deep breathing.

Find a serene place and take in the visual beauty.

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