Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Who do we keep on that anger hook?

Sometimes our parents or siblings… old boyfriends or girlfriends, a rotten teacher, even that neighbor down the hall who was too loud late last night.

We are angry with them - righteous anger - so what's wrong with that?

Think about the body posture that goes with anger - clenched jaw, gritted teeth, tight muscles… ouch!

And, they are not the ones with these symptoms, are they?
Not to mention the surge or adrenaline and that constant reiteration - out loud or in our heads of all these 'wrongs'!

It's not about pretending that everything's fine.  It's okay to get angry when someone steps over the line.

Holding on to that anger, keeping it going, causes too much stress!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

There are as many ways to let go as there are cultures… and maybe even people!

Many traditional cultures have a built in mechanism for forgiving and letting go - of yourself, and of others. 

The idea is that holding on to the 'wrongs' on either side of this equation creates imbalance.

In these cultures being in balance - with the Earth, with yourself and with others leads to harmony and well being.

Borrow a traditional ritual or create one that works for you!

Check out some options:
Imaginary dialogs
Fantasy revenge

Remember:  As you let go, see the other person for who they are and take care of yourself moving forward!

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