Friday, March 11, 2016


It takes a tremendous amount of self awareness - not to mention self esteem and inner strength - to say 'NO' to something we should do but don't really want to.

So, sometimes we say our 'no's' indirectly by breaking plates... 

We test badly for a job we really don't want but feel we should take, we get sick before an event we should attend but don't really want to, we even sometimes get caught cheating to get out of a relationship we haven't had the ability to end…

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

The problem with pushing back in this indirect manner is that we create …

Think of some of the times in your life you got out of doing something you really didn't want to do - but knew you should - by indirectly downgrading your performance.

Make a list of each of these events.   

Now remind yourself what you did to 'ruin' it.
(Hint: Usually these are things we label as 'happening to us' not as 'done by us'!)

And finally, just for a mental stretch, imagine you 'failed' because you really didn't want to do whatever it was… and that it was okay not to do it!

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