Thursday, February 11, 2016


Overheard in the elevator:

"I saw your boyfriend the other day," she said, baring her teeth in a truly predatory smile.

"Whoa!  He is really hot!  I mean you're pretty and all," she explained shaking her head.  "But him…wow!"

"How'd you snag him?"

What do ya think?
If you said 'bitch' you got it!

A perfect example of passive aggressive anger…

Here's another one.  An email this time:
'Hi Judy, Sorry it's been so long (he wrote to his ex).  I was awakened this morning by a really intense dream.  You were dead.  I sincerely hope this is not true.  Fondly, Peter'

Yep, that's another one.  P/A to the max.

What do ya say?
How do you react when someone 'nices' you to death?

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