Wednesday, February 10, 2016


In the early 1970's psychologists were really excited by the concept of 'venting' - ranting and raving and getting it all off your chest…

Until they discovered that this strategy was actually pretty destructive.

The 'ranter' could easily become addicted to the process - the high and adrenalin surge that often came from yelling - without actually creating any change in behavior…  

Except perhaps for the contact-avoidance created in the vented upon!

This is very different from 'directed catharsis especially when followed by cognitive strategies of change.' read more

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Yes, you can release that tension in a non-destructive manner!

Check out these possibilities:

Go outside and yell at the trees, the grass, the sky - they can take it without any problem.  Or get in your parked car and go to it.

If you can't leave your indoor space, grab a pillow, hold it up to your mouth and howl away to your hearts content…

And then, once you've released that tension, look at what you were so jacked up about.  
Does it still seem worthy of rage?

Imagine a dialog with whoever made you feel that way.  Tell them how you feel.
Now trade imaginary places and get into their shoes…

What do you discover?

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