Friday, June 27, 2014


Although the chemical reaction in the brain that triggers fear responses (the Fight or Flight Response) is believed to be hard wired, it is interesting to note that many of the specific things that trigger these reactions vary from person to person.

Recognizing this helps us realize that we do have some power over what triggers this response in us. 

In some way - a personal experience, something we heard, an image we saw - one experience or another, has entered our data bank as something that 'should' trigger this response. 

We have the ability, using our conscious and unconscious mind to remove the event from this category - sometimes an immediate change, sometimes a gradual shift.


An opportunity to experiment with some fun

Make a list of the activities that make you nervous, this might include:
          Doctor visits
          Taking exams
          Meeting new people

On a scale of 1-10 rank how important these activities are to you.  Is there a valid reason to do them?

Do you want to go ahead with this activity?

If yes:
Do you feel suffering should be an integral part of the experience?

If no:
Try the following exercise now and perhaps before the event in question…

Get in a comfortable safe place.
Begin breathing deeply and allow yourself to imagine the previously labeled event.
See it in your mind's eye and watch the event occur as if you were watching a movie.
Continue to breathe deeply.

Now imagine that you could take that same movie and make it miniature - really tiny!
As you do this imagine that it also slowly recedes until it is only a tiny dot in the distance…

Keep breathing deeply.
How do you feel now?

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