Thursday, June 12, 2014


She was having a really hard time handling the vulnerabilities of all the creatures she loved.   

It seemed there were often crises and physical challenges - a sickness here, an accident there…

Really difficult to deal with and super stressful.

"But," I reminded her, "this is the nature of loving living beings… We have to face and cope with these situations…"      

"Yeah, I know," she said.  

"When I was a little kid my dog died and I decided never to have a live animal again.  I switched to stuffed toys…"

"I really took good care of them and they were in perfect condition!"

Pretty good strategy, right? 

Risk free…

Turned out her family moved and all her wonderfully cared for toys were in the one suitcase that never showed up at the new house…

What do ya say?

Is there a lesson in this one, or what?

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