Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We know empirically that no one gets through life without those dark days.

Just look around you.

Why is it important to recognize this?

Because awareness of all the pieces of what makes us human and acceptance of this reality actually keeps us from getting stuck in any one emotional state!

Thinking you shouldn't feel the way you do in a particular moment in your life can create emotional paralysis.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Once you accept that the sour moments are part of the whole picture you can upgrade your strategies for moving on…

1.  Denial rarely works!  Own it, say it, feel it! 
You can do this out loud in private spaces, or out loud with a friend. 
 "Ugh! This is a really rotten day!"  Pay attention to your breathing.

2.  Create a rotten day dance, a rotten day song… Get into it. 
The idea is to release energy so that you can use that energy to problem solve.  Remember to keep breathing deeply!

3.  Use your imagination to create a wonderful rotten day scene…
Remember being a kid and imagining everyone sobbing around your grave… the idea here is to empower yourself!

4.  Check the status of your inner bully. 
Often those 'sour' days are fertile ground for bullying ourselves.  Exaggerate this mean voice to the point of laughter.  It really is ridiculous, right?

5.  Are you feeling like a Victim?
Our inner victim is an easy target for our anger, and directing this anger at ourselves can be truly immobilizing!  Again, exaggeration to the point of laughter is a great release!

6.  Rebel alert?
This is another position we sometimes take on those dark days … With awareness of what we are doing this one can actually be effective... if we limit its tenure…

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