Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Habits, and here we are clearly focusing on the 'bad' ones, get created over time, and yet somehow we expect to break them with one mighty tug!

Not terribly logical.

If instead, we allow ourselves to assume that any habitual behavior - by definition created through repetition and over time - will need to be released and transformed in the same way - with time and repetition - we will truly upgrade our chances of success!

Also obstructive is the belief about 'easy'.  We are assured that once we decide to change it should be effortless and painless…

Ask any pro athlete if developing new skills and muscle memory is effortless.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                      An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Sometimes, with the struggle to change, we inadvertently create a push/pull between two different parts of ourselves… the 'I want it now!' part and the 'I'm in it for the long run' part…

Get an imaginary dialog going between these two warring parts of yourself...

Part 1:  I should not have to work so hard!  Waaa  waaaa waaaa!  Give me that (fill in the blank ) now!  Stomp stomp!  You can't make me!  NO  NO  NO!

Part 2:  Wait!  I don't want to be stuck here!  I want that different way of doing things - I want to look different, feel differently, act in a different way!

Part 1:  Ugh!  You are such a stick in the mud!  You are no fun and I will not let you control me!  I am in charge and I WANT IT NOW!  GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Part 2:  NO!  I get that this is hard for you and that you are hurting but I count too.  Take a deep breath!  Give me a chance…

Ok, that's a starting dialog.  Take it where it fits for you. 

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