Wednesday, August 31, 2016


We squeal and gurgle and baby talk - probably appropriately - to our babies and puppies…

And they tend to respond in kind.

And therein lies what appears to be at the heart of this speech pattern.

We perceive and enjoy the connection that seems to occur.

Okay.  Makes sense.

Once a child is past a certain age it's no longer about connection, but rather perhaps a form of diminishment.  We seem to be telegraphing a message:
"I'm in charge.  You're not!"

And what are we saying when we use that similar pattern with the elderly? 

Ever notice how angry older humans can get when they are talked to this way?

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Think about how you are talking to children and older adults…

How would you feel if your positions were reversed and someone was talking to you like this?

If they were:
          Talking down?

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