Friday, August 19, 2016


How in our Universe of multiples can we possibly believe that there is ONE RIGHT CHOICE?

In reality, there are so many paths leading to so many different journeys…

Maybe this distorted belief came about - like many others we have explored - because in our early lives it made things easier for our parents and teachers?

How many parents with their busy lives actually allow their children to explore life's multiples? 

It requires time and patience to sit calmly by as children try 10 different directions or ask all those questions.  

How long does it take before we utter that time honored phrase: 'Because I'm the grown up and I said so!' 

Perhaps, without realizing it, in these moments we are creating that myth that there actually is one correct answer.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Imagine you have 3 time lines …

Line 1 is your actual journey from birth to today.  
Like a river, see the flow that this life has created.  
Watch it like a movie.  Add music if you want…

Now create a line 2.
In this one you have different parents, siblings, schooling, friends…
Watch the flow of this alternate reality… 
What do you experience?

And now go for #3.
Again create a different story.  
Ride this one from birth to the present moment. 
Was it easy to create?  
How did it feel?

And finally take one bit from each time line, pick and choose, mix and match…

What happens as you experiment with these interchanges? 

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