Friday, November 20, 2015


Remember those three monkeys?

They are a great image to remind us of this seductive behavior - not seeing, hearing or verbalizing what's right there and obvious.

What makes it so tempting to pretend that this time it will be different - with everything the same?

Perhaps it is that very predictability of outcome that makes this fantasy truly addictive?

An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

Here's a story to think about and a question to answer:

"My dad," he insisted, "is a really great guy…"
Okay, he stole money, cheated on my mom, and got into trouble with the police… but poor guy has just had a run of bad luck…
He's really a sweetie - and he loves me!"

The subtext is:
If I pay attention to his behavior, see it, hear it, and acknowledge it… 
What then? 
Do I have to hate him?
Never talk to him again?
Disown him?

Or might there be another alternative? 
Is it possible to deal with reality and still care?

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