Thursday, September 25, 2014


Part of our focus and joy on the Human Dance Blog is to celebrate the beauty of the many traditions that make up our human community…

Last night at sundown began the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  In this tradition "we hear the blast of the ram's horn meant to awaken our slumbering souls to time's passage and to what we have done in the past year and what we could do better with our lives".  - Michael Strassfeld

This New Year, (5775 in the Jewish calendar) is part of a 7 year cycle called a Shemittah or Sabbatical year. 

These years and are considered holy years in which we are enjoined to focus more on our spiritual mission in life… Fields were to be allowed to lie fallow, debts were forgiven, and mankind was enjoined to focus on healing ourselves and our land.

 "Shemittah is a year of economic, environmental, and social equity...a time when physical and social boundaries are dissolved, reminding us that we live and thrive not within the barricades of self but in the shelter of each other and the gifts of the wilds. We all abide in one and the same world that we consume and renew in an endless cycle of co-generation. 

To keep the world humming, we must do this mindfully and properly."   read more

May this be a special year for us all - a year of healing and renewal!

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  1. Thanks for your good wishes, Carol, and for this wonderful blog that has helped me stay positive in sometimes trying times. Only good things to all of us in THD community!