Friday, September 12, 2014


I know you used to run marathons, weigh 120 pounds, and dance til dawn...

Yay you!  Give yourself a pat on the back for all your past accomplishments and now start from today - not from yesterday!

People get stuck - and depressed - when their expectations are not realistic - and basing goals on past performance is by definition not real!

Forward momentum - movement - is in our DNA.  It was related to survival of our species and is still important. 

Start with where you are right now, reward yourself for reaching realistic goals - and who knows you might be back to dancing til dawn!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun


Evaluate your goals
Are they realistic and based on your current capabilities?

If you were making a 'mini-goal' what would it be?
Now try your mini-goal.
How does this feel?
Did you succeed?  If yes, give yourself kudos and applause.
If no, make it more 'mini'!

Check this out:
That guy from yesterday who can no longer run, dreams of marathons and ends up sitting in front of the tv depressed… He needs movement but denies himself the experience because he is holding onto the past!

That's not you, right?

What is realistic for you?
What can you do to bring movement into your life?

Take a walk to a new place…
Go through a different door…
Clean out a drawer…
Sing a song…
Feel that momentum - and enjoy!

Check out our new YouTube adventures coming soon!

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